Longyan University, authorized by the Ministry of Education, is a full-time interdisciplinary university, whose administration is under a co-constructed by the provincial and municipal governments with municipality-oriented system. This university, situated in the famous revolutionary area-Longyan City, is by far the only undergraduate university in this revolutionary land. The university, based on Longyan Teachers College founded in 1958 and Fujian Resource Industry School founded in 2001, was officially upgraded as a university in May 2004.

This university is approved to enroll undergraduate students and preparatory students of minority ethnics from 23 provinces (cities, autonomous regions), whose total number of full-time students has reached 11,785. Currently the university has 864 members of staff, including 559 full-time teachers, of whom 262 are professors or associate professors, 422 have got doctorate or master’s degrees, and 2 are experts with special allowance by the State Council. The university consists of 13 colleges, one teaching and research department of “ideological and political theory”, and two research institutes. There are altogether 40 undergraduate specialties involving literature, science, engineering, economics, management, education, agriculture, arts, etc.

The university covers an area of 1,113mu (including that of theaffiliated schools), whose total floor area reaches 320,000m2 (also including that of the affiliated schools). The equipments for teaching and research are worth RMB ¥125,687,400, along with many high-quality sports facilities and various activity venues. The library has a collection of more than 1.4 million copies of e-books, 900,000 copies of paper books and 1,400 kinds of paper newspapers, which has become the largest literature information center in West Fujian, with a modernized retrieval system and mirror site.

Longyan University has been equipped with one National-level Specialty of Characteristic Construction, one National-level Pilot Project of Comprehensive Specialty Reform, three Provincial-level Key Disciplines, one Provincial-level Engineering Research Center, two Provincial-level Key Laboratories, two Key Laboratories of Provincial University, one Engineering Research Center of Provincial University, one Provincial-level Research Base of Humanities and Social Science, five Provincial-level Pilot Projects of Comprehensive Specialty Reform, one Provincial-level Scientific Research Innovation Team, seven Provincial-level Specialties of Characteristic Construction, five Provincial-level Innovational Pilot Areas of Professional Education Mode and two Provincial-level Teaching Teams.

In the university, there are also 36 Distinguished Teachers of both National-level and Provincial-level, 11 Provincial-level Top-quality Courses, seven Provincial-level Outstanding Teaching Achievement Awards, six Provincial-level Pilot Centers of Teaching, 365 off-campus practice and training bases as well as Fujian-Taiwan Hakka Research Institute, Central Soviet Area Research Institute, Veterinary Medicine Research Institute, West Fujian Food Research Institute, Functional Materials Institute and 30 other scientific research institutions of certain characteristics. Since its upgrading, Longyan University has undertaken 1,263 research projects at all levels, including the National Natural Science Fund, and the National Social Science Fund.

In recent years, Longyan University has won many awards from the government, among which there are 1 second prize and 3 third prizes of Provincial-level Science and Technology Award, 1 second prize and 4 third prizes of Provincial-level Outstanding Achievement Award in Social Science, 1 Youth Award for Excellence, many other prizes in Longyan Municipal Award of Science and Technology, the Award for Patent and West Fujian Cultural Award.

The graduates from this university are widely acclaimed by their employers because of their solid professional foundation, good application ability and comprehensive quality. In the last three years, the annual employment rate of the graduates has averaged more than 95%. Thus, it was awarded as an outstanding institution of employment in Fujian Province. Since the founding of the university, it has educated more than 40,000 graduates of associate or bachelor’s degrees who are now engaged in different occupations all over the country, most of whom have become the backbones of local basic education as well as economic and social fields.

Focusing on opening education and social services, Longyan University has now forged partnership with some universities and educational institutions in such countries as the United States, Brazil, Australia, and also China’s special administrative regions like Macao and Taiwan. The university has also conducted academic exchanges and cooperation with many domestic top universities and scientific research institutions, and has established strategic alliances with the local government, economic development zones and enterprises in order to integrate itself into the regional economic development and to provide West Fujian with technical services and intellectual support. In the past three years, more than 20,000 personnel have been trained for basic education, coal mine safety and other technical fields.

Since 2006, the university has gained a lot of honors from Fujian province and the country. In 2007, it was authorized to be a university of granting bachelor’s degree, while in June 2012, the university passed the teaching qualification assessment by the Ministry of Education with a high mark.

“High in Moral; Keen to Learn” is the motto of Longyan University, whose goal is to educate application-oriented professionals with its foothold in Longyan,serving the local social economic construction and development. All staffs of the university are striving to build it into a characteristic application-oriented technical university.

Updated on Dec. 30, 2016

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