Longyan University:Braving the Waves and Sailingtowards a Brighter Future

Minxi, or West Fujian, is the cradle of China’s communist revolution and home to the revolutionary soldiers and generals from 1929 to 1949. It is blessed with lush mountains,pristinewaters, pleasantweather all-year-round,andpicturesque scenery. As the only university in Minxi that providescompleteundergraduate education, Longyan University israpidly growingin the core area of the Belt and Road Initiative.

Longyan Universityis a multi-disciplinary university offering full-time undergraduate programs. Founded as Longyan Teachers College in 1958, it merged with Fujian Resources Industry School in 2001 and was renamed as Longyan University in May 2004.

With a mission to“integrate career-oriented education based on local strengths with regional development”, Longyan University has stayed true to the motto of“Integrity and Diligence”andhasfocused on bolstering local development while supporting provincial, regional and nationalgrowth. It devotes itself to preparing students with the practical skills, solid professional knowledge, as well as a strong, high-quality, and well-rounded education so as to provide technological and intellectual support to the local economic and socialdevelopment.

The school covers an area of nearly 200 acres, with a campus infrastructure of around 92 acres. The total value of its teaching and scientific research instruments and equipment is 173 million RMB (USD 26 million).Nestled among beautiful mountains and clear waters, it is known for its pleasing scenery and rankedfourthamong the online election of“Most Beautiful Universities of Fujian”.

The 12secondary collegesoffer41 majors which involve eight fields of study, including literature, science, engineering, economics, management, education, agronomy, and arts.Currently there are nearly 12,000 full-time undergraduate students. With a talent-driven development strategy, the University has constantly improved the ranks of its faculty by introducing and sharing talents, and strengthening their competence. It has placed great importance on cultivating faculty to be adept at both theoretical and practical teachings, and has built a group of over 600 faculty members.

Longyan University has beenpromotingintegration between industry and educationand exploring the student training model through cooperation with enterprises, industrial associations, and other universities. Built on the multidisciplinary foundation of humanities and science, the University has attached importance to applied disciplines and education science. It has set up six clusters of disciplines closely connected with regional industries and four industrial schools. It has partnered with Xiamen University and Longyan City Government to establish the first research institute in Fujian that is jointly sponsored by the government, business, and universityto enhance theintegration between industry and education. It has employed new approaches in classroom teaching and prioritized practical training by developing more than 240 internship bases off campus, improving the quality of education. Regional advantages have been taken into consideration in designing disciplines, programs and courses.

Scientific and technological research standards have been improved substantially with an increasing number of research projects and awards, patentapplications, and papers published year-by-year.Twentyprojects have been subsidized by national funds and several international academic conferences have been held over the past three years. Programs sponsored by the Universitysuch as theQimai Scientific Innovation Fund and the“Going to the Communities”activitiesintroducing over 100 professors and doctors to support development of local enterprises and communities arealready rolled out throughoutLongyan.

Dependingon 43 scientific research institutions and platforms with unique features and strengths, Longyan University has forged a strategic alliance that brings together the university, government, enterprises, and industries to provide technical and intellectual support to regional economic and social development. Its key lab on the prevention and control of livestock infectious diseases and biotechnologyis widely-recognized among nearbyFujian, Guangdong and Jiangxi provinces for integrating scientific research, diagnosis and treatment as well as training. The training center for work safety technology of the University has madesignificantcontributionsto the coal mine safety of Fujian Province.

A broad range of activities on cultural inheritance have been organized in the form of cultural and art festivals, science festivals, student club activities, and lectures so as tofoster and practice core socialist values. Through hosting seminars and compiling books and papers on revolutionary culture, Hakka culture and local history and literature, Longyan University has carried forward the guiding principles oftheGutian Conference and Hakka spirit into life, inherited and enriched the spirit of revolutionary culture and Hakka culture, contributing to the cultural prosperity of the region.

LongyanUniversity has been enhancing its abilityto make itself a joint talent incubatorby providing students the opportunitiesto partake incollaborativeprogramscooperated with universities from home and abroad. It has joined hands with many high-level universities in Fujian to run joint postgraduate programs, worked with universities from Macao SAR, the U.S., the UK and Germany on postgraduate programs, double degree programs, and exchange programs, and teamed up with universities from Taiwan on joint undergraduate programs. Additionally, there is a diverseinternationalstudent population including those from Cameroon, MongoliaandCambodia, etc.

Longyan University has witnessedexceptionalperformance of its students, who have won prizesat theprovincial,national, andinternationallevels. It has been adopting better educational patterns on cultivating students’innovation skills andentrepreneurshipand has focusedentrepreneurshiptraining mainly on three fields: e-commerce, culture and creativity, and software development. The students have taken home many awards ininnovation and entrepreneurship competitionsincluding “Internet+”and“Challenge Cup”,whilesome studententrepreneurteams havedelivered similarresults.

Since its establishment, Longyan University has graduated over 50,000 students who are highly-rated by their employers and working ina wide variety ofindustries. Most of them have transformedthemselvesinto the major players in the basiceducationand social and economicdevelopmentof their respective regions.

The first rays of thesunriseshine on theearlymorning readers by the Qimai Mountain; the reflection of the sunset glow on the Taoxin Lake mirrors their dreams.As an old Chinese poem puts it, “From shore to shore the riveris wide at high tide; beforethefair wind a sail is on the rise.”In the coming new era, Longyan University will work hard with unity and sail towards the goal of building itself as a model high-level career-oriented university.



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