Commencement 2017 Held in Longyan University

September 13, 2017

On the morning of June 15th, Longyan University held a commencement for the graduates of 2017 in the gymnasium. Attending the commencement were the university leaders, including Mr. Wang Yaohua, Mr. Ling Qidan, Mr. Zhu Min, Mr. Chen Kaiming, Mr. Zhou Chunsheng, Mr. Li Yuanjiang, Mr. Zou Yu, Mr. Liu Guomai, and Ms. Yang Xiaoyan, as well as some guests from Taiwan including Mr. Chen Junhong, vice dean of Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs in Chung Hua University, Mr.Ye Mingxun, dean of Mechanical Engineering Department in Chung Hua University, Mr.Lin Xinyi, department assistant of Mechanical Engineering Department in Chung Hua University, Mr.Cai Yaowen, associate dean of College of Engineering in Da-Yeh University, and Mr. Ji Huawei, director of Mechanical and Automation Engineering Department in Da-Yeh Universityalso attended thecommencement. More than 3500 other people attended the ceremony, including the section chiefs of the administration offices and teaching subsidiary sections, the college leaders, teachers andpolitical instructors as well as thegraduates, graduate parentsandreporters. The first half of the commencement was presided over by Mr. Zhu Min, deputy Secretary of the Party Committee in the university.

The commencement started in the majestic national anthem. President Ling Qidan was brimming with enthusiasm as he made a speech entitled “Although the Song of Farewell Has Begun, the Spirit of Education Lasts”. On behalf of the university staff and students, President Ling expressed his warm congratulations to the 3153 graduates who have completed their education, showed the heartfelt gratitude to the parents, teachers and political instructors who have made a great contribution to the growing-up of thegraduates. He also extended his most sincere respect to those guests and friends who came to witness the sacred moment and to share the glory with the graduates.

In his speech, President Ling wished to share a few words with the graduates at the time of departure. Firstly, everyone should keep in mind the university motto of “High in Moral; Keen to Learn”so as to learn self-control and self management, not forgetting the original intention, and to resist temptation with kindness, dream, strong will and faith when we step in to the society. Secondly, we should be grateful to our parents, alma mater, and the society and the country. We treat people with sincerity and faith so even in difficult situations we can find, appreciate and create beauty, and really feel the beauty of life. Thirdly,we graduates should strive with self-reliance, for the road of pursuing dreams cannot be smooth, and only self-reliance can move them forward. We should inherit the challenging style of the Hakka ancestors, with the drive for the foremost rank of the old revolutionary base.We graduates should roll up our sleeves to work harder on the road of employment and entrepreneurship, and constantly keep positive attitude with vigor to make the new brilliant achievement in life.

In the end of his speech, President Ling read a short poem entitled “Time Ceremony”writtenby one student of 2015. He noted that today is a day to remember and we graduates should remember it by saying that Longyan University will always be our graduates’ warm home. “We welcome you home any time! I sincerely wish all the graduates have a bright future and a happy life!”

At thecommencement, vice president Mr. Liu Guomai announced Longyan University’s decision to grant diplomas to the graduates of 2017. Vice President Li Yuanjiang announced the award to the outstanding graduates, the national scholarship and the national inspirational scholarship to the graduates of 2017. The university leaders and guests awarded the honorary certificates to the prize-winning graduates.

The graduate representative Mr. Wang Yuanjie from the Department of Product Design, tutor representative Pro. Chen Xianzhang from College of Literature and Media, representative of Taiwan cooperative university Mr. Chen Junhong, and the outstanding alumni representative Mr. Lin Yukai,the executive director and general manager of Tianjin Fulongma Environment Engineering Co. Ltd., gave speeches at the commencement.

At the commencement, a special video entitled “Brightening the Future with Dreams”dedicated to the graduates of 2017 was played while the college flags entered the meeting hall in sequence. The students from College of Literature and Media recited “Ode to Longyan University”, and the students of College of Art and Design sung the university song of “With One Heart”.

The second half of the commencement was hosted by Vice President Liu Guomai, and President Ling announced Longyan University’s decision to grant the bachelor's degree to the graduates of 2017, and the relevant college leaders and teachers,wearing their tutor gowns, granting the bachelor degree certificates to the graduates. Mr. Ling Qidan set right the graduates’tassels and shook hands with the 3068 bachelors, leaving them a good memory before leaving the university.


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