100 Professors and PhDs of the University Going Down to Grassroots Unit

April 2, 2018

On November 30, the opening ceremony of “100 Professors and PhDs of Longyan University Going Down to Grassroots Unit” was held in Shanghang County, whose theme is to be “Motivated by Scientific and Technological Innovation, Doing Service for the Local Development and Carrying out the spirit of the 19th Party Congress by practical action”. The university sent 112 professors and PhDs to deeply dock the enterprises and institutions in Shanghang County in the aspects of technology and professional demand so as to actively integrate into the economic and social development of Shanghang, to serve the innovation-driven development in Shanghang and to promote the deep integration of industry, university and research.

At the opening ceremony, Longyan University signed an agreement of high-level talent of temporary position practice and with the Organization Department of the Party Committee in Shanghang County, signed an agreement on co-constructing research center for circular economy with the Resources Comprehensive Utilization Research Co., Ltd. in Shanghang County, signed a framework agreement on strategic cooperation with four enterprises and institutions. In addition to the events at the main venue, such other events as going to the field, entering enterprises, entering farms, entering farmers’ households, entering schools and special recruitments were also organized by the university.

In order to help the local enterprises implement the innovation-driven strategy, Longyan University and Shanghang County Government co-established Shanghang County-Qimai Science and Technology Innovation Fund, in which each of the three parties, i.e. Longyan University, Shanghang County and relating enterprises all shall contribute 1/3 of the total RMB¥ 3 million. The fund is used for the scientific and technological services and intellectual support within Shanghang County as well as for solving the technical problems by Longyan University together with enterprises or with the scientific research institutes and universities in and outside the province. up to now, Longyan University has signed 6 cooperative projects with the enterprises in Shanghang County, with a funding of RMB¥ 3.36 million. It has also signed 10 agreements of cooperative intention with Eco-Info & Si-Tech Bureau, Copper Bureau, Zijin Copper Co., Ltd. and other units.

Wang Yaohua, Secretary of Lonagn University, said that, “This event is only a carrier, whose key purpose is to push the professors, PhDs to better serve the local innovation and development, to build grass-roots channel connecting professors and PhDs so as to form a long-term interactive and cooperative mechanism between universities and enterprises, schools, and villages.”

It is reported that the “100 Professors and PhDs of Longyan University Going Down to Grassroots Unit” is co-sponsored by Organization Department of Longyan Municipal CPC Committee, the Municipal Bureau of Education, Longyan University and the County Governments, in which around 100 professors and PhDs will be sent to each county at each time and 3 to 4 times will be organized each year.


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