September 18, 2019


I. Requirements

Foreign teachers speaking English as native language, bachelor or master degree, have teaching experience of at least two years or a certificate of teaching English as a second language, e.g., Tesol, Tesl, Tefl., etc.

II. Job Responsibilities

1. Working Hours: 12 teaching hours per week and teaching-related extracurricular activities assigned or organized by the school.

2. Courses: English-related courses, e.g., Oral English, English writing, and Cultures of English-speaking countries, etc.

III. Salary and Allowances

1. Accommodation: a free and exclusive two-storey apartment well equipped with living facilities on campus, water, power, Internet access, and digital TV paid by the school. Foreign teachers only need to pay their meals at the school canteen or cook at the apartment (about RMB 1,000 per month).

2. Salary: The first year’s salary is RMB 7,000 per month for a

bachelor and RMB 8,000 per month for a master. The salary will be paid monthly in RMB, winter and summer vacations excluded. One extra month’s salary of bonus will be paid at the end of a full academic year (usually in July). A salary increase of RMB 300 per month for each extended contract will be available.

3. Travel Allowance (before tax): RMB 2,200 after a full academic

year’s working.

4. International Air Ticket Allowance (before tax): RMB 10,000 after a full academic year’ s working.

5. Medical Allowance (before tax): RMB 2,000 after a full academic year’s working.

6. Telephone Allowance (before tax): RMB¥ 50 /month.




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