Enrollment Guide for Foreign Students Academic Year 2018-2019

February 28, 2018

Enrollment Guide for Foreign Students

Academic Year 2018-2019

Longyan University is a full-time multidisciplinary university approved by China’s Education Ministry. It was Longyan Teachers’ College when founded in 1958 and was renamed as Longyan University in May 2004.

School enrolls undergraduates and preparatory students of 23 provinces (cities and districts),now have 11785 full-time students, 864 staffs and 12 colleges, such as the college of literature and media, the college of foreign languages, the college of economics and management, the College of education, the college of information engineering, the college of mechanical and electrical engineering, the college of chemistry and design, the college of design and the college of Qi Mai. There are 40 bachelor majors, covers literature, science, engineering, economics, management, education, agriculture, arts these eight major disciplines. Specialty major includes marketing, chemistry, biotechnology, radio and television, electronic information engineering, software engineering, Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation, materials science and engineering, biotechnology, animal medicine, mining engineering, etc.

Longyan University is located in the west of Fujian province. Longyan is Hakka's ancestral home with rich tourism resources, its world cultural heritage - Yongding Hakka Tulou is famous at home and abroad.In recent years, Longyan University has established intercollegiate and cooperative relations with institutions of higher learning and educational in Germany, the United States, Brazil, Australia and other countries, also Taiwan and Macao. Besides, it actively carries out academic exchanges and cooperation with many key universities and scientific research institutions in China.

School adheres to the motto "Great in Virtue, Keen on Learning" and the idea "rooted in red soil, devoted to application, showing characteristics, serving development". It has set up a strategic alliance with local government, economic development zone and enterprise, at the aspect of school land, school production and school enterprise. It fosters specialized talents, provides technical service and intellectual support for the local government.

We welcome foreign students apply for learning Chinese language and culture or attend any major in our school.


I. Enrolment category

II. Application process

III. Register

IV. Accommodation

V. Cost

VI. Contact Information

I. Enrolment category

1. Non-degree Education(Chinese language student)

Duration: 1 academic year and above

Intake: September yearly

Application Deadline: May 15th yearly

Introduction: We decide the way of class according to applicants number of students, studying in the regular class or open the class separately. According to students requirements, we can also set up "Chinese study" project, such as Yongding Hakka Tulou, Gutian red culture, Pei Tian ancient residence, Liancheng Guan mountain and so on, to experience Chinese culture by themselves, cost extra.

Teaching Language: Chinese

Course purpose: Training comprehensive skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in Chinese. And teaching language and culture knowledge. Then, have basic Chinese Language communication capability and Chinese culture foundation.

Application requirement: Foreigner students age should be from 18 to 55 years old. They also needs high school diploma,in good conduct, no criminal record, healthy and willing to abide Chinese law and school rules.

Certificate: If Chinese language students accord with Longyan University enrollment, examination and attendance rules, they can get the official certificates and transcripts issued by the school.

II. Degree education

Duration: 4 years

Intake: Sept. every year

Deadline: May 15th every year

Majors: Foreign students have Chinese level HSK 4(Liberal needs HSK 5) or above can apply every major. For the majors and courses please refer to our website.

Application requirement: age 18-55, foreigners with high school diploma or equal education, good conduct, no criminal record, healthy, and willing to abide by the relevant laws and regulations of China and the school. With a HSK4 or HSK5, a language learning student can also apply for a degree study. The deadline for application is June 1st.

Teaching Language: Chinese

Degree and Diploma: Students who achieve professional requirements, and pass the defense of their theses will be awarded the corresponding degree and diploma according to the regulations.

Application procedure

1. To get the Application form and foreigner Physical Examination Report. (You can ask for international department, email:lxlyun@hotmail.com)

2. To applying for a program at Longyan University, you may prepare the following application documents:

(1)Longyan University International Students Application Form;

(2) Foreigner Physical Examination Report (the report is valid for 6 months)

(3) A photocopy of your passport information page with personal signature.( A photocopy of your valid Visa or Residence Permit if you are already in China.);

(4)Copy of your Highest Diploma and Transcripts;

(5)Recommendation form (at least 1)

(6)Study plan

(7)Scholarship application form

(8) HSK certificate

(9)School transfer certificate (submitted by students who have already been in China)

(10) Non-criminal record certificate

Need to submit scanning copy(PDF version) of all the above documents, and all the certificate must be Chinese or English( other language need to translate to Chinese or English, and cover official translation.) You can choose the one of the following 3 ways to submit your documents:

(1) Submit by applicant himself or commission others.

(2)By post;

(3)Send emails to lxlyun@hotmail.com with all the scanning copy of your documents. Please note all the documents need to send by one email.


1. Pay the application fee. After applicant submit all the documents,pay 400RMB application fee to Longyan University by Remittance. Application fee is non-refunded.

2. After receiving the application documents, International department of Longyan University will exam the documents. After the approved, these documents will be sent to correlative department and then to the Education department and provincial foreign office It the end, the university will send JW202 form and Admissions Notice to students.

3. Applicants apply for visas to local Chinese Embassy or Consulate with Admission notice.
III. Register

The student who has been enrolled should register within a specified date with all the documents mentioned above. Those who cannot register on time should ask for leave in written form, and they can deferral if they are permitted. After entering the school, all rules and regulations of Longyan University must be followed. In order to facilitate the admission, the school will pick students up on specified dates at LongYan Railway Station. If necessary, we can also pick students up at Xiamen International Airport. Please inform your flight number and date to the international department seven days in advance.

IV. Accommodation

There are 2 types of dormitory: single room(private bathroom) and Double room ( 2 people use 1 bathroom). There are TV, air-conditioner, Internet, Furniture, washing machine, microwave oven, and induction cooker ect.

V. Cost

1. Application fee (Non-refunded): 400 RMB

2. Tuition:


3.Insurance: about 300 RMB/semester ( students must buy)

4. Scholarship:

The University provide 2 kinds of scholarship for non-degree and degree students.

(1)      Fujian Government Scholarship

Eligible applicants can apply for the scholarship from the Fujian provincial government from the second academic year.

(2)Longyan International scholarship for overseas students

We set a scholarship, students can apply for it when apply admission. Our school will be assessed on the basis of students' previous achievements and other application materials. The best one is a full scholarship (including tuition fees and standard accommodation for double rooms).

VI. Contact

Section of Foreign Students, Office of International Cooperation and Exchange

Postcode: 364012

Tel: +86-597-2796023   Fax: +86-597-2796023

Email:lxlyun@hotmail.com  Website:http://oice.lyun.edu.cn/


1. Application Form

2. Physical Examination Form

3. Recommendation Form

4. Study Plan

5. Scholarship Application Form

6.  Introduction of the majors


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