Enrollment Guide for International Students Academic Year 2022-2023 Longyan University

April 22, 2022


Longyan University is one of China’s prominent public full-time multidisciplinary universities. Founded in 1958, it was formerly known as Longyan Teachers’ College and was renamed as Longyan University in 2004 after merging with Fujian Resources Industrial School in 2001. It is Fujian’s exemplary application-oriented university, master's degree awarding cultivation university and provincial civilized campus.

The school itself is located in Longyan City, set in the beautifully scenic west of Fujian Province; a city well-known for being the cradle for China’s communist revolution and the original home of the Hakka people. With abundant tourism resources such as the famous UNESCO world cultural heritage Yongding Hakka Earth Buildings (Tulou), the city already has the world’s attention.

Longyan University has over 13,000 students with a staff of nearly 1,100. There are 12 secondary colleges offering teaching of 44 majors which involve 8 fields of study, including literature, science, engineering, economics, management, education, agronomy, and arts. Majors like mechanical engineering, material science and engineering, veterinary medicine, mining engineering, and traditional folklore are listed among province’s key disciplines. Majors like veterinary medicine, practical economics, geological engineering, material science and engineering are listed among province’s applied disciplines.

The school covers an area of about 215 acres, with campus infrastructure of around 100 acres. The total value of its teaching and scientific research instruments and equipment is 206 million RMB. Its library owns nearly 2 million electronic books, nearly 1.1 million books and nearly 1,500 kinds of newspapers and periodicals as well as several modernized retrieval systems and mirror sites, making it the largest document and information center in West Fujian.

In the spirit of the school motto, Hou Yu De, Min Yu Xue (Great in virtue and keen on learning), and of its schooling concept of dedicating to application, highlighting features and serving development, Longyan University devotes itself to preparing students with the practical skills, solid professional knowledge, as well as a strong, high-quality, and well-rounded education so as to provide technological and intellectual support to the local economic and social development.

Longyan University has been enhancing its ability to make itself a joint talent incubator by providing students the opportunities to partake in collaborative programs with other high-level universities and institutions, and double degree programs and exchange programs with foreign universities. Additionally, there have been developments with collaborating on “3+1” and “4+0” projects with universities in Taiwan. Equal importance has been placed on the education of international students. There is a diverse student population including those from Cameroon, Mongolia, Cambodia and Benin.



(The above data update time:Dec.,2021)



I. Admission Category

II. Application Procedure

III. Registration

IV. Accommodation Conditions

V. Cost

VI. Scholarship

VII. Contact

I. Admission Category

1. Length of schooling: four years;

2. Admission Major:unlimited;

3. Enrollment Quota:unlimited;

4.School Beginning Date: September,2022Extension to October as appropriate;

5. Deadline for Application: July 1, 2022; 

6. Application Requirements: foreigners aged between 18 and 35, with a high school diploma or equivalent, good conduct, no criminal record, good health, and a commitment to abide by relevant laws and regulations of China and the rules and regulations of Longyan University; with Chinese proficiency HSK4 and above.

7. Teaching Language: Chinese;

8. Degree and Diploma: those who have met the major requirements, and passed the thesis defense will be awarded with corresponding degree and diploma according to the relevant provisions.

II. Application Procedure

1.Submit the following application materials to the Foreign Teachers and Students Division of Office of International Cooperation and Exchange (hereinafter referred to as OICE):

(1)Application Form

(2)Physical Examination Record (within 6 months)

(3) First page of valid passport (valid for more than 1 year, visa page and residence permit page are required for overseas students who have already been in China);

(4) Highest academic certificate and transcript (notarized);

(5)Recommendation Form (at least one, multiple recommendations can be submitted);

(6) Study Plan;

(7) HSK Certificate;

(8)Transfer Certificate (required for international students already in China);

(9) Certificate of no criminal record (both experience in either China or foreign countries shall be provided, and foreign experience shall be notarized);

(10) Financial Support Guarantee and Deposit Certificate (RMB 20,000).


All the above materials shall be submitted with original scanned copies (PDF format), and all certificates must be in Chinese or English (other languages need to be translated into Chinese or English, with official translation seal). All application materials are scanned and zipped up and sent to lxlyun@hotmail.com. All application materials are sent by one email (format of the email subject: nationality + passport name + Chinese name).

2. Pay the registration fee. After the applicant submits the complete application materials, the application fee of 400 yuan shall be paid to Longyan University and the application fee will not be refunded. (Account information of Longyan University: Account Name: 龙岩学院; Bank: 农行龙岩新罗支行营业部; Bank No.: 103405071017; Account No.: 13-710101040004902)

3.Longyan University organizes examinations or interviews.

4. With the approval of the supervising bureaus, we will issue JW202 Form and the admission notice to the admitted applicants.

5. The admitted applicants go to Chinese embassy or consulate to apply for the study visa with the passport, the admission notice, JW202 Form and other materials required for the visa.


Admitted Applicants shall arrive Longyan University, pay fees and register with the above materials (original copies) within the date specified in the admission notice. In case of failure to arrive the school within the specified date due to special circumstances, the applicants shall ask for leave from the University in written notice in advance, and the registration can be postponed only after the approval. The freshmen must abide by the rules and regulations of Longyan University. In order to facilitate the registration of new students, the school will pick up at Longyan railway station on the designated dates. Please inform Foreign Teachers and Students Division of OICE with your arrival date at least seven days in advance.


IV. Accommodation Conditions

There are some twin rooms and four-bed rooms for international students,with air conditioner, furniture, washing machine, water heater , etc.


V. Cost (in RMB)


Application Fee



Accidental Injury and Hospitalization   Medical Insurance Fee



15,000   per academic year

2,600 per academic year (twin room); 1,300 per academic year   (four-bed room)

about 800


non refundable

one-time   payment upon registration

If any adjustment, the provisions of the superior documents shall   prevail. one-time payment upon registration

must be purchased

VI. Scholarship





Fujian Government   Scholarship

30,000 RMB per   academic year

Evaluation Scores   ranking top 25%

Longyan University   Scholarship for International Students

Full Scholarship:   tuition and accommodation fees

Evaluation Scores   ranking between 26% to 50%

Partial   Scholarship:50% of tuition and accommodation fees

Evaluation Scores   ranking between 51% to 80%

Note: Scholarship is evaluated once a year,students who do not receive admission scholarship can apply for both scholarships after one academic year of study.


VII. Contact

Foreign Teachers and Students Division, OICE, Longyan University

Zip Code364012






1.List of Majors for International Students

2.Application Form For International Student Of Longyan University

3.Physical Examination Record for Foreigner

4.Recommendation Form for International Applicants

5.Study Plan

6.Financial Support Guarantee Statement

7.Application Form for Scholarship of Longyan University



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