International Conference on Nonlinear Mathematical Analysis and Its Application Held in Longyan University

September 20, 2017

An international conference on Nonlinear Mathematical Analysis and Its Application was held in Longyan University from August 13th to 14th. The important conferees are: Mr.Guo Bailing, conference chairman of academic committee, an academician from Beijing Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics; Ms. Guo Lizhen, vice Mayor of Longyan Municipal Government; Mr.Wu Liangjun, deputy director of the Academician Office of Association for Science and Technology in Fujian Province; Mr.Wang Yaohua, president of Longyan University and vice president Mr.Zou Yu. This conference is hosted by our university, and sponsored by Longyan Science and Technology Association.

At the conference, Mr.Wang Yaohua, on behalf of the university, warmly welcomed the distinguished experts and scholars who attended the conference. He said we will take this opportunity to explore rich academic resources, invite academic talents, expand academic horizons, enhance friendship and stimulate innovation, so as to seek new ideas and expand new approaches for ourfuture academic researches and international cooperation. He expressed his sincere gratitude to all sectors of society for their support.

Mr.Guo Bailing, on behalf of the academic committee, expressed his gratitude to the conferees and the preparatory group of the conference, and expressed his deep love for his hometown through his own growing experience. He said he hoped to spread the latest scientific research results through this academic event and try to be more active in theacademic research, so as to make greater contribution to the culture and education in Longyan---the former Revolutionary Base.

Ms. Guo Lizhen, on behalf of Longyan Municipal Government, expressed her congratulations to the conference, and said that hosting the conference will help to raise the level of math in Longyan, and help to use the mathematical tools in the qualitative and quantitative analysis of macro and micro economy, so as to transform and upgrade the traditional industries and to strengthen the emerging industries in Longyan. She also mentioned that the municipal government will fully support the overall transformation of Longyan University and strive to turn it into a high level application-oriented university.

Nearly 100 scholars in this field, such as Mr.Liu Yue (professor from the University of Texas at Arlington), Mr.Zhu Peicheng (Spanish professor), Mr.Zhang Tingzheng (professor from Taiwan Lingdong University of Science and Technology), Mr.Li Jing (professor from the Math Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences), Mr.Yao Zheng-an (professor from Sun Yat-Sen University), Mr.Tan Shaobing (professor from Xiamen University, and other experts from the United States of America, Spain, Taiwan and some domestic institutions attended the conference. At the conference, eight experts demonstrated their recent research achievements and relating application in this field at home and abroad, and discussed theproblems related with the forefront of scientific research. The conference will provide a platform for the learning of international academic development and a platform for communication for the research and teaching scholars in the field of mathematical analysis theory and application.

After the conference, the participants visited the exhibition hall of the university history and the exhibition gallery of West Fujian Soviet Base.


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