First Fujian-Taiwan Cultural Fiesta Successfully Held in Longyan University

September 20, 2017

The Office of Student Affairs and Qimai College held a Fujian-Taiwan Cultural Fiesta on June 1st at the clearing between the student dormitory buildings.The theme of the cultural fiesta is“One China One Family, and Jointly Realizing China Dream”,whose purpose is to steer the students to enhancing their sense of pride and identity towards the Chinese culture,to promoting the cultural exchanges between Fujian and Taiwan and to appreciate the culture of both sides of the Taiwan Straits.

The activity is divided into 5 parts: Part 1 is the video exhibitions on Fujian and Taiwan culture; Part 2 is a dragon-lion dance performance; Part 3 is the interactive games on cultures between Fujian and Taiwan; Part 4 is a taste of Fujian and Taiwan snacks; and Part 5 is a display of the students’ honors from Qimai College.

During the activities, there were passionate drumming, lion dance, dance from the Gaoshan Minority Groups of Taiwan, charming folk music shows as well as singing from the ten best singers of Longyan University. The passers-by could not help but slow down and stop to enjoy.

The wishing tree is full of red wishing cards, which bear the wishes from the teachers and students.

Surrounded by lanterns and colorful lights, games were taken place, such as candy art painting, lantern riddles, goldfish catching and seven piece Chinese puzzle game. Roadside foods were fragrant, and each stall could witness smiles with satisfaction from the students. In the center of the activity area, the students’ glory wall attracted the eyes of the students. The pictures and signatures on the wall showed the elegant demeanor of the students, shining in the night.

Mr.Jiang Tao, a participant of the activity and a sophomore ofthe Internet of Things specialty, Qimai College said that this event is to let us learn more about the culture and customs in Taiwan. At the same time, the videos made by the third year students made us have more understandings and expectations of life in Taiwan universities.


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