2017 Bridge Culture Forum and 2nd University Bridge Promotion Game Held in Longyan University

September 20, 2017

On the evening of June 7th, the 2017 Bridge Culture Forum and the 2nd University Bridge Promotion Game, hosted by the Chinese Bridge Association (CBA), China Youth Daily (CYD) and China University Media Union (CUMU), were held in the Academic Report Hall of Longyan University.

Over 500 people attended this event, including the Promoting Ambassador of Bridge and the Honored Guest of this event Mr. Xu Shuangwei, who is the former Director of the National Service Bureau and a Vice-chairman of the Chinese Bridge Association, Mr. Wang Jianxin who is a Deputy Director of the Bridge Section of the Chess Game Management Center of the State General Administration of Sport as well as a Deputy Secretary-general of CBA, Mr. Zhang Xiaoping who is a former Deputy Director of Fujian Provincial Department of Finance and the President of Fujian Bridge Association, Mr. Liu Guomai who is a Vice-president of Longyan University, Mr. Zhang Xiongjie who is a Deputy Secretary-general of Fujian Bridge Association, Mr. Zhang Qingyuan who is the President of Longyan Bridge Association, Zhang Ning who is the Chinese Bridge-promoting Master and Intermediate Master of Spades, Mr. Lin Zhiren who is a Deputy Secretary-general of Fujian University Media Union and a journalist in China Youth Online of China Youth News, some other journalists from the Sports Channel of CCTV, Longyan TV and etc., as well as many bridge fans.

Mr. Liu Guomai, on behalf of the university, extended his warmest welcome to all the guests. He said that thanks to their support, Longyan University, along with the other 20 Chinese universities, was given the first opportunity to hold this big event. This activity was aimed to promote the development of the bridge culture in Longyan and to deepen the students’understanding of the bridge.

Mr. Xu Shuangwei gave a speech titled “Charming Bridge Boosts Our Life”. He hoped that the college students would learn the bridge culture and understand the essence of it so as to make it a hobby, so that they would be led to a successful life and career.

Afterwards in the plaque awarding ceremony, on behalf of the CBA, Mr. Wang Jianxin granted the membership certificate to the Bridge Association of Lonyan University while Mr. Zhang Xiaoping gave the plaque to the Bridge Activity Station of the university, and Mr. Zhang Xiongjie awarded the bridge devices to the university.

In the following lecture on the bridge culture, Mr. Zhang Ning showed over 500 students the basic knowledge and playing styles of the bridge. In the interactive section, he performed on-the-spot teaching like playing bridge on the mobile phone and checking current ranking to bring enjoyment into the bridge games.

In the end, Mr. Yuan Yujie from the CBA introduced the follow-up Bridge-promoting Game and encouraged the students in Longayn University to take part in the bridge learning group of Longyan University, hoping to see them in the final competition.

The Bridge as an elective course has been held since March 2013 and the University Bridge Festival held annually since 2016. From 2011, we have organized the teachers to attend various bridge games. In the year of 2013 and 2017, we also went to the bridge games of 14th and 15th Sports Meet of Longyan City.

This event is organized by Fujian Provincial Bridge Association, Longyan University and Xinrui Bridge, and co-organized by Longyan Bridge Association, Students’ Association Union of Longyan University, the Bridge Association of Longyan University and the Students’ Media Center of Longyan University.


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