Art Service Team of the University Gave Performances in Gutain

April 2, 2018

On January 21, the Red Art Service Team of Longyan University came to the sacred revolutionary land----Gutian to give such splendid artistic performances as Erhu solo Honghu People’s Wishes, Violin solo Spring in Xinjiang, singing songs Don’t Forget Your Original Intention and Zhang San’s Song, Saxophone solo Hello Judi and other performances demonstrating people’s love for their hometown and life, which are filled with the characteristics of West Fujian and the Hakka.

The purpose of the art performances this time is to inherit and carrying out the Red Culture and Hakka culture of West Fujian. Sticking to the style of going down to the basic level and serving the people as well as conducting the duty and mission of art workers in the new era will constantly enhancing the ability of art workers in local service.


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