China Education Daily: Longyan University Setting up Students’ Awareness of Healthy Sleep

September 20, 2017

China Education Daily reported on May 22nd that the students in Longyan University were introduced ways of paying attention to their sleep and developing good sleeping habits. The full text is as follows:

Longyan University Setting up Students’ Awareness of Healthy Sleep

Recently, the Office of Student Affairs and Qimai College of Longyan University hosted an event of healthy sleeping. With the theme of “Inheriting Essence of Chinese Culture, and Promoting Healthy Sleep”, this event aimed to popularize sleeping knowledge in the traditional Chinese culture, tosteerthe students towards paying attention to their sleeping, to improve their mental health, and to develop good sleep habits.

Through interpreting the affecting elements on sleeping in the perspectives of mood, sleeping position and time in the traditional culture, the students’ awareness of sleeping and mental health has been improved from seeing the exhibition.

Somestudents were also organized to experience the relaxation training before going to bed, and they were also taught good relaxation methods.

“This activity has innovated the previous ways of the maticeducation, which makes the students experience the Chinese traditional culture and know the importance of their healthy sleeping. This helps them to have high quality of sleeping, which is good for their study”, said Ms.Zhang Luying, a teacher of Longyan University.

Additionally, in order to know more about the sleeping situation of the college students, the organizers collected more than 400 samples of the students’ sleeping information for a week before the event, and gave feedbacks according to their sleeping efficiency.


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