China Education Daily: Criteria for Dried Sweet Potato Products Drafted by Longyan University

September 20, 2017

Longyan University has drafted the Criteria for the dried sweet potato products. China Education Daily reported on May 18th.

Recently,the Local Food Safety Criteria for Liancheng Dried Sweet Potato Products, Fujian Province, drafted by Professor Shi Xiaoqiong of Longyan University, has been passed successfully by the experts from the Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission and been reported to the State Commission for record.

It is known that in Liancheng County of Fujian province, the dried sweet potato products occupy more than 83% of similar products in the domestic market. The annual output value is RMB ¥ 3 billion, employing more than 100,000 workers,which is the main source for the local farmers’ income. “At present, there is no criteria for the production of dried sweet potato products within the country. After the criteria have been drafted, we can not only protect the dried sweet potato standardized production and its quality, but also can have a say in the local industries”,Professor Shi said.

On the basis of the product safety, Shi’s team also tutors the enterprises in promoting their scientific and technological achievements for the dried sweet potato in Liancheng County, in innovating the varieties, tastes and techniques of the products. From 2013 to 2016, the local sweet potato enterprises have produced added value of RMB ¥ 657 million, profit of RMB ¥ 135 million, and tax of RMB ¥ 32.83 million.


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