Minxi Daily: University Motto Motivates Graduates

September 20, 2017

Minxi Daily reported that one of our excellent ex-graduates, Mr.Lin Yukai, came back to share his working experience with his alumni on June 18, which was titled The Motto Motivates LYUN Graduates on the front page:

Motto Motivates LYUN Graduates

Mr. Lin Yukai, one ex-graduate, came back to share his working experience with his alumni at the 2017 commencement of Longyan University.

It is the Gardenia season, also the graduation season. More than 3,100 graduates took part in the commencement on June 15, 2017. At the commencement Mr.Lin Yukai, as an excellent ex-graduate, was invited to make a speech. He told his alumni, “Today, you are graduating. It’s kind of sorrowful, but it’s unnecessary to feel hesitated because the university motto is “High in Moral; Keen to Learn”, which makes a clear direction for your future!”

In 2011 Mr.Lin Yukai graduated from the Specialty of Chinese Language and Literature and later was employed in a local company---Fulongma Environmental Engineering Co. Ltd.. He started as an apprentice salesman and quickly promoted to be the youngest regional manager in the company. Now he is the legal director as well as the general manager of Tianjing Region of Fulongma Environmental Engineering Co. Ltd., with a marketing team of dozens of employees working under him.

Seeing the campus, the memory of his own university life six years ago came back to Mr.Lin Yukai. In their expectations he shared his experience of beingan apprentice and getting the job. It was the time when he was still a freshman. Each time he attended the class of Introduction to Literature, he prepared a chair for the teacher because he learned the teacher had some trouble with his lumbar. Even though he didn’t attend the teacher’s classes later when he was a sophomore and senior, he continued doing so. In his senior year when he had to practice and hunt for a job, the teacher found him and recommended him to work in Fulongma Company.

Located in West Fujian---an important region in the Chinese revolutionary history, both Longyan University and Fulongma Company have similar perceptions towards professionals, i.e. ability is significant, but virtue is none the less. In this May, both Longyan University and Fulongma Company signed a cooperation agreement. The leaders of both sides said, “We cooperate with each other not only because we can take each other’s advantages, but also we are rooted in the same culture.”

Since his working inFulongma Company, Mr.Lin Yukai continue fulfilling the university motto,“High in Moral; Keen to Learn”. He is good at thinking and learning from others, solving a lot of problems in the company’s development. He is honest to others, winning trust from both the clients and the company. Accordingly, he got an exceptional promotion as the youngest regional manager in the company.

“A Professional needs a good virtue, and further our university motto provides me with positive energy.” Whenever he recruits employees, Mr.Lin Yukai pays special attention to their virtue. He said in the speech, “Our university motto ‘Keen to Learn’ tells us that learning ability is very important, but ‘High in Moral’should be put before ‘Keen to Learn’”.


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