Fujian Daily: Qimai Fund for Technological Innovation Advocated for Establishment by Longyan University

April 2, 2018

Longyan University, as the only university in Longyan, last year advocated for the establishment of Qimai Fund for Technological Innovation (hereinafter referred to as Qimai Fund) in order to promote the local Innovation-driven Strategy. In September this year, Longyan Municipal Government held a special meeting to study the advocate and approved it. Soon after that, some relevant management policies and detailed implementing regulations were issued.

According to the management policies, Qimai Fund should follow the principle of being “government-led, financed jointly, propping up enterprises”, i.e. the total fund of RMB¥ 10 million is contributed by from Longyan University, Longyan Municipal Bureau of Science & Technology and the relevant enterprises, each of whom contributes 1/3. The fund is used for the investment of scientific and technological R & D, promoting the upgrade of industrial technology, driving the transformation of scientific and technological achievements as well as solving the critical, mutual problems in science and technology of economic and social development, which is public non-profit fund.

Different from other funds, the cooperative mode of government, university and enterprise concerning Qimai Fund turns the reactive industry-university-research cooperative mode into a more industry-related leading mode. Qimai Fund will carry out the developmental idea of “innovation, coordination, ecology, openness and share”, focus at the leading industries and key industries in Longyan City, support the development of strategic new industries and reconstruct the core competitiveness driven by scientific and technological innovation in Longyan. Qimai Fund will be used to support the scientific and technological innovation and technological breakthrough in enterprises conducted by Longyan University together with the enterprises, or with the scientific research institutes in and outside the province, or the research groups organized by universities.

“This is a product from the deep cooperation between government, university and enterprises, and also a new drive for the deep integration of production, university and research” said Wang Yaohua, the Party Secretary of Longan University. He said Qimai Fund, as a guiding fund in the field of science and technology innovation, taking scientific research funds as the starting point, tries to realize the seamless docking between the scientific research achievements of the university and enterprises and the seamless docking with the development direction of local industries, which will not only make the scientific research achievements in the university have opportunities and support funds for the development of their talents, but also make the enterprises have the research team to support them as well as reduce the R & D investment. This will finally connect science & technology with economy effectively.

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