Minxi Daily: Longyan University Selected to Be One of Provincial Exemplary Application-oriented Universities

April 2, 2018

It was reported on the front page of Minxi Daily on February 10 that Longyan University Has Been Selected to Be One of Provincial Exemplary Application-oriented Universities. The following is the full text of this report.

On February 6, the Provincial Department of Education, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission and the Provincial Department of Finance issued a notice of name list of Provincial Exemplary Application-oriented Universities and Specialty Group Construction. According to the notice, 8 universities in the whole province have been approved to be the Provincial Exemplary Application-oriented Universities, and Longyan University has been one of them.

It is reported that Longyan University, as the only university in Longyan City, sticking to the motto of being “Rooted in the Red Land, Devoted to Application, Manifesting through Characteristics and Serving Local Development”, in recent years has been actively integrated into the Citys “Three Strategies” of being innovation-driven, industry-thriving the City, talent-prospering the City. The university has also seriously implemented the Overall Plan for Transformation and Development of Longyan University so as to improve the capability in serving the 3-6-5 industrial demands in Longyan, to guarantee the basic education in Longyan. Thus the overall plan has made some initial achievements in transforming the university to be an application-oriented one, whose characteristics of application-orientation are generally shaped.

Since its application-oriented transformation, the universitys connecting degree with industries has been lifted. Five characteristic specialty groups have been set up, which are based on relating principles and specialties and whose purposes are to correspond to the local characteristic cultural resources and characteristic industries. With the deepening of integrity between the university and industries, the participation in student education by the industries is higher. Thus, the students satisfactions with the university are getting higher year by year.

Minxi Daily: http://www.mxrb.cn/szb/html/2018-02/10/content_184174.htm


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